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Great Colleges with Late Deadlines

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Apr. 6th, 2009 | 01:18 am

It’s April, and decisions are pretty much in. There are going to be some people who didn’t get in anywhere, and there are going to be more people who didn’t investigate their safeties very well and now don’t want to go. Then there are people who thought they’d go to college with a boyfriend or girlfriend or stay at home and go to community college, and now those ideas have been thrown out.

Luckily, there are some top schools with very strong reputations that have late deadlines (honestly, more true of small liberal arts colleges as great small schools have more trouble filling spots than great large schools). Now, I’m sure you realize that the most competitive schools have very early deadlines, rarely later than January 15th, so how can there be good schools with late deadlines? The reason is usually location. Few people think of Arkansas or Mississippi when choosing a powerhouse college.

So, perhaps you’ll see a new part of the country, but a) you’ll almost certainly have more extracurricular, cultural and educational opportunities than you would at community college or Last Chance State University, b) you’ll be with a large percentage of “positive” students who wanted to go to that college and will keep school spirits up instead of bumming about being at Last Chance State (college “aura” is more important than most people think when it comes to striving to do one’s best academically), c) your chances of getting into graduate school are greater if you go to a school that can educate better (through smaller class sizes and better facilities than low-rung public schools) and offer a stronger reputation, and d) you’ll get the necessary transition-to-real-life experience of going away to college that helps students mature which you won’t get at community college.

Here’s a partial list:

(please double-check all deadlines. Some schools have been moving their deadlines earlier as they get more popular and sometimes if schools with rolling admissions receive an unexpectedly high yield of accepted students confirming attendance, they stop admitting.)

Liberal arts colleges:

Birmingham-Southern College: A terrific, conservative LAC (liberal arts college) in Alabama. Known for business, theater/music and for one of the strongest Greek systems in the country. Recommended by Loren Pope (Colleges That Change Lives and John Palladino (Finding the College that’s Right for You. Deadline Open

Eckerd College: A beautiful campus on the Florida coast makes this a hit with water lovers and has a leading program in marine science. Another nurturing school featured in Loren Pope’s books and also touted by educational author Tamra Orr. Deadline Open

Hendrix College: One of the best LAC’s in the South if not the country. Located in Arkansas, it’s a hit with left-wing students, and is especially good at producing politically-minded, socially conscious adults who are well-prepared for grad school. Recommended by both Loren Pope and Jay Mathews (Harvard Schmarvard). Deadline August 1st

Millsaps College: A great LAC in Misssippi. Known for creating great writers and orators, which is excellent for future lawyers, politicians, business leaders, and college professors. Recommended by Loren Pope and Jay Mathews. Deadline Open.

Simon’s Rock: A school often chosen by students leaving high school early, Simon’s Rock is affiliated with liberal powerhouse, Bard. Located in Massachusetts. Deadline May 31st

University of Tulsa: Although as small as a liberal arts college, this top school really offers the diversity of a large university with strong programs from visual and performing arts and journalism to business and engineering. One of the most competitive schools with an open deadline. Deadline Open.

Tech Schools

Illinois Institute of Technology: An engineering powerhouse in Chicago. Deadline August 1st.

Kettering University: An engineering school that has taken a hit from being located in Flint, Michigan. Still produces scores of successful graduates Deadline Open

Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology: A very attractive tech school known for producing engineers, scientists and, most impressively, astronauts. Deadline July 1st.

Rochester Institute of Technology: While a strong school in nearly every program, this is THE school to go to for photography programs thanks to cooperation with Eastman Kodak. Nearby SUNY Geneseo and University of Rochester make for a youthful, educated local population. Deadline Open:

University of Texas/Dallas: A school specializing in computer science, it has the highest SAT averages of all public colleges in Texas including UT/Austin. Deadline July 1st.

Major Research Universities

Michigan State: A true smorgasbord. While heavy with agricultural, business, and education majors, you can study everything from acting and architecture to philosophy and physics. Deadline Open

SUNY Stony Brook: This has gone from a definite back-up school to a top hundred school on the US News list. While Binghamton and Geneseo still reign in New York, Stony Brook holds its own. Deadline Open

Texas Tech University: Despite its name, this is not just a stronghold for the sciences as they have arts, classics, social sciences and so forth. Deadline May 1st.

Catholic Universities

Bellarmine University: Kentucky may seem like an odd place to go to school, but with Centre College, Murray State, and Berea, Kentucky actually has quite strong academics. Bellarmine is right up there, too. Deadline Open

Duquesne University: Often considered a major research university, Duquesne benefits from the cultural and educational opportunities of Pittsburgh and features a strong business program. Deadline July 1st.

Rockhurst University: Located in cosmopolitan Kansas City, Rockhurst is strong in business and health professions. Deadline Open.

Saint Edwards University: Austin, Texas has more than one terrific school, and innovative and engaging Saint Edwards is one of them. A terrific business program is complimented by strong social sciences, humanities and education offerings. Deadline May 1st.

Saint Mary’s University: John Palladino recommends this San Antonio school very highly for mid-range students who need a boost. Deadline Open.

Women’s Colleges

Alverno College: This Catholic school is largely a pre-professional school specializing in business and health professions. It’s located in Milwaukee. Deadline Open

Stephens College: This Missouri school is known for the liberal arts, particularly theater. Deadline Open.

A Mishmosh of Other Schools

Augustana College: An exceptional school in Illinois run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Deadline Open.

Augustana College: Is this a repeat? Nope, this is an exceptional school in South Dakota run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Recommended by John Palladino, particularly for programs in biology, business and education. Deadline August 31st.

Murray State: A small public school in Kentucky that’s reputation has earned it the nickname “Kentucky’s public ivy.” Deadline August 1st.

University of Tampa: Cited in Jay Mathews’ Harvard Schmarvard as a highly-underrated school that’s been a well-kept secret for too long. Good choice for pre-med and business students. Also recommended by John Palladino. Deadline May 1st

Winthrop: A small public school in South Carolina that’s often cited as exceptional. John Palladino gives it high praise as an affordable school good for students interested in both pre-professional and liberal arts tracks. Deadline May 1st.

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